The Convo Couch

Interview Series, 2018

Funny, witty and unabashedly silly, join us on The Convo Couch for some wisdom, insights and reflections from the Sydney creative community.

Peter's Sights and


Social Media Adventure Web Series, 2018

Exploring Sydney with a camera.


Comedy Web Series, 2018

A parable of how a short chick with unruly hair and an overly-optimistic outlook should never try to start an all-girl dance group. And how dreams would never come true.

(Okay, it's not all girls - just two girls. Still a handful.)

Shades of Your Seduction

Short Dance Film, 2018

Do you believe in life after love?


Short Art Film, 2018

An experiment with death and depression.


Short Dance Film, 2018

An exploration of the changing nature of seasons.

Slice of Life

Comedy Web Clips, 2018

Life can be random when you take it in slices.

From YouTube with Love

Comedy Web Series, 5 Episodes (15 Mins), 2018

How weird can Mandarin lessons get?

Demoscene King

Short Action/Drama/Fantasy, 10-15 Mins, Currently in Production, Due out 2019

Petra wants to be the next Demoscene King.

The Holy Grail 

Short Action/Drama, 12 Mins, 2017

How hard will you fight for a second chance?

Sky of Sheep (SoS) 

Short Action/Drama/Fantasy, 10-15 Mins,

Currently in Post-Production, Due out 2019

Peter fights to win back his mind.

If You Remember

Short Drama, 10 Mins, 2016​

Han arrives back in Sydney to recover his memory and meets a charming guide with a buried past.

Fear, Death and the Yuniverse

Short Documentary/Drama, 12 Mins, 2015​

Peter adventures to overcome his fear of death.

Super Indie

Short Documentary, 15 Mins, 2014

Peter searches for a role model as a multicultural film maker  living in Sydney.